Your journey towards greater well-being and self-discovery starts here.

Bendable Therapy coordinates modern, clinically proven mental health treatments in Central Oregon.

Our mission is to coordinate safe, accessible, and professional mental health services in Central Oregon.

Bendable Therapy is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to enabling access to modern and clinically proven mental health therapies. Our mission is to make possible safe, accessible, and professional mental health services while also providing ongoing education and training and support or our community, participants, and mental health professionals.

Through Bendable Therapy, participants will be paired with trained and licensed guides that best meet their mental health needs and goals. Through a partnership network of local mental health professionals and treatment providers, we ensure participants receive the necessary preparation and support before and after their experience to promote safe, positive, and enduring outcomes.

Bendable Therapy does not provide treatments: we provide support, guidance, financial assistance, community, and professional training.  Treatments occur at our vetted partner facilities.

Bendable Therapy is a step in your overall wellness plan.

We provide guidance

Bendable Therapy will help you understand how alternative treatments can work with your goals.

Licensed service centers

We align you with a session at a high quality, licensed facility that best fits your needs.

Individual timelines vary

Typically, a qualified candidate can expect to spend several weeks preparing for a their treatment.

We offer tools & resources

We share knowledge to educate the community and mental health professionals.

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Book a private consultation to ask questions, learn about our programs, or start the process of accessing services.  Free consultations offered on the first Monday of every month as part of our equity program.

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