Treatment Session

The benefits of alternative treatments are strongest when part of ongoing mental health support. A treatment session, no matter the type, should be designed to supplement an existing and ongoing mental health practice, be it therapy, counseling, medical treatment, meditation, life coaching, or spiritual practice.

Bendable Therapy promotes modern and scientifically backed treatment sessions as a step on your overall wellness path.

You decide that a treatment session could be worthwhile. Based on your particular objectives, we provide guidance on how to best merge your current mental health practice with the type of treatment you are pursuing, both before and, most importantly, after your treatment. If you are working with a mental health professional, you may make this decision together.

We work with you to select one of our wellness guides that is the best fit for your situation. In the days and weeks before your treatment, you will have one or more preparation sessions with your guide. Individual timelines will vary depending on your unique goals.

Your treatment session occurs at one of our partnering licensed facilities. If this facility incurs a fee, you can be awarded a scholarship  to fully cover the costs. 

Following your treatment session, you meet with your wellness guide to discuss what you experienced and begin learning how to process and integrate the session.

You return to your mental health practice with the tools and guidance to further integrate the experience.

This outline is the typical model for a one-on-one treatment session to support an ongoing therapy practice. This model can be adjusted depending on your intent and focus, including opportunities for group sessions, higher and lower intensities, community group integration, and multiple planned sessions.

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