Focus Areas

Bendable Therapy has undergone rigorous vetting and scrutiny to become a field research site for emerging treatments.  As of April 2024 Bendable clients may voluntarily join our research project by contributing their de-identified data to science, helping us prove the efficacy of certain modalities. Participation in our research program does not impact your acceptance into our program.

There is immense variety of alternative mental health treatment options out there, each with their own benefits, drawbacks, risks, and regulatory hurdles.  To achieve our mission of connecting safe and accessible services to the community, we have created five focus areas dedicated to gathering knowledge from experts, developing professional procedures and methods, and ensuring that we can maximize the sustainable benefits of these practices within mental health. 

These focus areas will generate best practices, guidelines, partnerships, community engagement, and publications through collaboration with local professionals. As this knowledge grows, we will share and distribute all of it, free of charge, to anybody practicing in or adjacent to these modalities. This open-source approach to information sharing will enhance not just the capabilities of Bendable Therapy but of all members of the mental health community.

Focus Areas and Objectives


  • Partnering with local clinicians
  • Identifying underserved groups
  • Engaging indigenous communities
  • Collaboration with service centers
  • Engaging local government
  • Fundraising campaigns


  • Develop intake and application procedures
  • Build robust treatment plans and options
  • Publish our standards of care
  • Publish our operating procedures


  • Develop industry best practices and guidelines
  • Explore treatment innovations and research
  • Host training and seminars
  • Contribute high quality research to the field

Mental Health

  • Share understanding of treatments as a component of mental health
  • Develop training for mental health providers
  • Create systems to integrate our services with existing mental health services

Business Administration

  • Develop legal structures, business filings, tax preparation industry guidance
  • Work with insurance partners to develop policies
  • Identify partners for banking and accounting
  • Manage regulatory licenses
  • Develop fundraising and financing systems

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